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Two Contests

Merthyr – Adjudicator Johnathan Pippen Weston – Adjucators Steve Sykes and Paul Holland.


Two more contests held in May,

Rehearsals over, keen to play.

Two different sections, three and four

Challenge the players all the more.

“Dimensions” meaning scope and size

Focus us to win the prize.

With this our aim on contest day,

Determined to do our best to play.

At Merthyr, now in section three

Potential there for all to see.

John Pippen in the box that day

Had some lovely words to say.

Opening good, accents found,

Good context, rhythmic with good sound.

At G with Chris Giles on the snare

Controlled well the playing there.

Good euphs at I showed Mr Pippen

That Kim and Dean’s standard were not slipping.

At K, cornet plays “very nicely”

Good horns at N and Bass at P.

Good tempo led by Chris on drum

Things starting now to hum!

Dave on bass trombone ‘twas said

Superb playing before Z.

An enjoyable performance, no surprise

How well the Band was organised

By Robin, who without a doubt,

Brought dynamics and accents out.

Placed THIRD, now one section higher

The Band is really on a flier!


Next day in Weston, section four,

Off we went to play once more.

With two judges on the day

Agreed remarks all the way.

Intro, incisive and neat,

Good pace and balance worked a treat.

At B “tidy” cornets played,

Troms and euphs good accents made.

Again at I euphs are clean

With very good transition seen.

Cornet solo great at letter K

Good euph at M, Steve had to say

Tempo flows so fluently

Motivated by Robin, our MD.

Good Eb Bass playing there;

At R Chris played well on snare.

Tuneful Sop at V was shown

Then Grandioso not overblown.

Fine ending with a perfect “rit”

Percussion also did their bit.

I do not really mean to shout

But percussion was super all throughout.

All well directed by Robin there

Who controlled the Band with usual flair.

Results were out – we gained FIRST PLACE

Which put a smile on every face.

Robin sees talent in players they didn’t know they had

And nurtures players until they are glad.

Your patient forbearance is second to none,

There’s no doubt at all our hearts you have won.

So ONWARDS AND UPWARDS will be our shout

And, hopefully, TEAMWORK will bring it about.


Olive Horton 18th May 2015

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