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Merthyr contest November 2014 Four Cities Symphony

Another very early start
Everyone to play their part,
Hoping that today would be
Promotion up to Section three.
To four cities we had to roam,
London, Paris, Moscow, Rome.
The second visit we have made;
The challenge, how it should be played.
LONDON first, opening good,
Players ready, in the mood.
At B tidy and very neat,
Good balance made, our joy complete.
Steve thought the percussion “very nice
All controlled and precise”.
The ending, Steve Sykes found
“A very good ensemble sound”.
PARIS next one on the list,
A city which should not be missed.
Lauren played a lovely solo
(She deserves to wear a halo!!).
At K, Steve made a note
Could be played with more “float”.
Super euph at M was played
Our final trip to Paris made.
Next we go to visit ROME
To the third city we have come.
Soprano, Chris, some lovely work
And trombone trio did not shirk
With Shirley, Matthew and Dave
No better trio could we crave.
MOSCOW was a different tale;
We played with gusto, did not fail.
We played with drive and energy
Proving that we could be
Supportive all around the Band
With Robin taking centre stand.
Results were out, SECOND PLACE.
Another challenge now we face.
We cannot on our laurels stand.
Next year we play in Section Three,
More hard work we know there’ll be;
But this will be the Band’s endeavour
With Robin, who, with little fuss,
Is always there inspiring us.

Olive Horton

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