New member

NBBB would like to officially welcome new cornet player Richard Johnson to the band.  Richard will compete in his first competitions with the band this weekend.

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Sainsbury’s grant

NBBB was recently awarded £500 from the Sainsbury community grant fund. The money has been used to purchase some new percussion equipment!

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AREA 2014 – LLANDUDNO (Three Spanish Impressions)

Months of practice for this weekend

The end result on this depends.

The sun came out shining bright

To lift our mood and set us right.

On Thursday, little did we know

That fate would deal a bitter blow.

Ivor sadly passed away,

No more music will he play.

His presence will be greatly missed;

Our prayers and thoughts are now with Chris

And all the family, now bereft

With only loving memories left.

Borrowed players not allowed

Rachel, on sop, did us proud.

Baritone parts shared around

As no replacement could be found.

Many bands in our plight

Might not have put up such a fight.

Robin, taking up the stand,

Gave confidence to the Band,

“You can do it – do your best”.

The Band responded with great zest.

Seventh placing out of twelve

We were quite pleased with ourselves.

Nothing in “the man’s” remarks

To set alight – not one spark,

But 4 bars Rest was pleased, they found

Excitement, colour splashed around.

We even touched the 4 Bars nerve

By capturing the music’s verve.

As the players gathered there

Eating in the Brewer’s Fayre,

A lady passed out on the ground

But Greg and Aled were around

And quickly went to her aid

‘till her full recovery was made.

Now all is over, said and done

Newport players had some fun.

Enjoyed the weekend spent together,

Even had some sunny weather.

The contest now is put to bed

We concentrate on those ahead.

THANK YOU, ROBIN, for what you do

To lead the Band and see us through.

We know not what the future holds

But we will meet it and be bold.

Onwards and upwards is the call


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IVOR BARNETT (Tribute to a true friend)

The Day I came to Newport Band

You gave to me a friendly hand,

Showed me what I had to do,

Encouraged me to see it through.

With fourteen players at the start

You believed in us with all your heart.

You saw the Band in numbers grow,

All due to you and this I know.

You gave the Band a firm foundation

On which to build. Your inspiration

Like a shining light

Leading us to greater heights.

Twice in London finals played

Which showed the difference you had made.

All the years you were the Head

The Band followed where you led.

Changes came throughout the years,

Sometimes happy, sometimes tears.

You came back to play with us

And settled in without fuss.

Still committed to do your best

To play in the Area Contest.

Sadly, it was not to be.

You have gone, your pain set free.

Now you have left an empty space

With no-one there to fill your place

“Life goes on” or so they say,

But this I know, that every day

I’ll wonder why, and need to know

Why now is the time for you to go.

Your legacy of music stays

For ever as long as it is played.


Olive Horton (with great sadness)

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Sad news

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our Baritone player and former conductor, Ivor Barnett. Our thoughts are with Christine and the family. We’d like to dedicate our contest performance on Sunday to him. RIP Ivor.

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Hi Greg

NBBB welcomes Greg Dean who joins from Pontypool band on trombone!

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New member

NBBB would like to welcome Tommy Wallis to the band who joins on 3rd cornet!

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NBBB are delighted to welcome back Ivor and Christine Barnett to the band to play baritone and soprano! A big thank you must go to Rachel Williams who has moved onto solo cornet!

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Hello, goodbye and thanks!!!

NBBB are delighted to welcome back Emily Guscott to the band!!!

At the same time we wish our loyal trombone player Jess Pearson goodbye and good luck as she leaves to move to Lincoln, thank you Jess for all your dedication and hard work that you have given to the band, we will miss you!

Finally, a big thank you to Chloe Mitchell for joining the band carolling on her return for the Christmas holidays from university in Bangor!

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Wedding Bells

NBBB would like to say a big congratulations to MD Robin Hackett and Amy, who got engaged on Christmas Day!

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